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CEO OF MAD APPLES (East Stroudsburg PA)

Say Your Grace CateringThe Jonah Ride

The Jonah Ride is a mobile offspring from ‘Say Your Grace’ Catering Services. The foundation for all of Shaina Hayden’s establishments has all been grounded and rooted in Christianity.

Today, where we have so much negativity and so many people committing sinful acts, it is only by God’s grace and our forgiveness that they can be redeemed, reformed, and reintegrated back into the community and become viable and contributing members of society.

Our newest establishment, The Jonah Ride, focuses on the stories of Jonah and his defiance of God that ultimately led to his redemption. It is that same forgiving grace the Jonah Ride will be focused on when employing staff and serving the community, giving people a second chance. The Jonah Ride will be symbolic to God’s saving grace as well as symbolic to how we all should live our lives – embracing all the people of God, especially those that want to and are willing to turn their lives around.


It is our mission to provide our customers with quality food and service. To achieve this, we follow a personalized approach to our services to ensure everyone gets a dining experience they will surely remember.

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